Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break in Ohio

After a long, long drive, we finally made it down to southern Ohio where my parents live. It is beautiful down here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. I enjoy the quiet and the slow pace of life and I sure needed a break from the normal.

Sunday, we enjoyed going to my parent's little church and watching their little choir sing an Easter cantata. They really did a wonderful job and I was happy the kids got to see my parents sing in the choir, as this is such a big part of their lives. I always crack up how little churches swarm to any visitors...we were officially greeted by two elders, one woman, and a wonderful little man who handed us home made bread and grape jam.

Monday found us faced with cold, rainy weather (very unlike spring break...and I hear it's gorgeous in Wisconsin), but it gave us the chance to do some indoor things. We spent the morning playing games. Well, my mom played games with the kids while I "worked" with George about his attitude. Overall, he has been okay, but we are in a new situation and he just doesn't have ANY social skills. If George is not greeted with his favorite breakfast item, he pouts. If George does not get his way about going outside, he cries...and pouts. If he does not get what he wants, he pouts. Walking into the grocery store, if he can't shut the van door, he pouts. And I have to admit that I am really, really at the end of my tolerance with the pouting.

I asked him this morning, "Is anything ever good enough for you? Do you see your siblings act this way? Do they constantly act like nothing is good enough?" I have seriously reached my limit with the pouting, whining and crying. When is it going to end?

Anyway - I digress. We ended up eating an early lunch and then rushing to the nearest little town, one that has a movie theater, to see How To Train Your Dragon. It was a really cute movie and it was fun being with all the kids just doing something fun like eating pop-corn, M&Ms and Sour Patch Kids! We all laughed and cheered and even worried together about the main characters. And when the movie was over, we clapped and said, "That was so good!"

The rain had stopped, and so the ever-present home schooling momma decided to stop at a Native American mound museum. We watched a short movie about the history of the mounds and then walked through a very small museum that housed items found in the mounds. Even though it was small, it was very interesting. We then took a walk around the 13 amazing mounds that were built thousands of years ago. I always enjoy an excuse to educate the kids!!

Back home, we rode bikes all over - I even took George and Isabel back into a long-forgotten road. My mom told me long ago when an atomic plant was being built here, they built these roads and lined them with trailers for the workers to live in. That was long ago and now the roads are completely empty, a little eerie, but I always enjoy a bike road down a deserted street letting my imagination run wild. I wonder where Eleanor gets her crazy imagination from?

After a good dinner, I find myself now sitting next to Isabel as she fills out a booklet from the museum today (more learning - yea!), all three boys are outside playing football, and Eleanor is settling in with a good book.

It's been a good start to spring break. I can't wait for some of my siblings to come for a visit! My brothers and sister have yet to meet George, and even though I am so nervous that George's bad attitude will rise it's ugly head, I am still anxious for my whole family to meet him.

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