Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Snow Is Finally Gone!

The kids got off the bus and Eleanor said, "Ah! It smells like spring!"

And what does spring mean for the Weldie family?


So, we all stopped whatever we were doing and raced outside to play some long-overdue baseball. Our neighbor's oldest (18 and a few months away from entering the Marines) came out to join us and brought some tennis balls. He pitched as Lincoln and George took turns batting. Lincoln hasn't missed a beat and I still think he is destined to play ball. George has a bit of a swat more than a swing, but he manages to hit the ball really hard. Harry and Eleanor cracked up as they sloshed around in the mud filled yard chasing balls and trying to beat Gunnar. Isabel was the official cheerleader, a role she pulls off way too naturally.

We just played. We didn't worry about muddy shoes, muddy pants or muddy sweatshirts - although I have quite a load of dirty, wet socks now! We just played our favorite

George couldn't be happier that the snow is finally gone. I wonder what was going on in his mind for this first winter. Did he wonder if this was it? He was now going to live in a cold, snow covered land? He would ask if we would ever go swimming again, and I think that was his way of wondering if it would ever get warm. I assured that it would...but could he really trust me when morning after morning he looked out the window and was greeted with snow?

Now he is seeing grass, and we played outside with just t-shirts and jeans. He asked if we could get his bike down from the rafters in the garage. Maybe...I think rain is coming, but I promised him it would be down soon.

Fast forward to tonight...AWANA pick up found me faced with a tremendous amount of fog. I was scared was that bad (and I am rarely a nervous driver!). Coming home was challenging on our street - as our street follows a major river. The fog was so bad I couldn't even see 10 yards in front of my car. The kids got scared. No street lights, no street lines made for a slow going ride home (life in the country).

When we finally got home and pulled into the garage, I let out a sigh.

"We're home."

"Momma. Are you OK? That was really scary." George said from the back seat. He was the only one to ask me if I was OK.

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