Friday, March 19, 2010

Momma...Why You Praying?

Tonight was home church with our dear group of friends. We haven't been to home church since was simply getting in the way. But tonight, our calendar was set and we were looking forward to connecting with our friends.

There was much laughter. There was time of catching up and sharing praises and prayer requests. And there were lots and lots of kids running around. Between this group of friends, there are 26 kids (I think my math is correct) all under the age of 13. Now, all 26 kids were not there, in fact, there were only 4 families represented tonight. But there were still 14 children. And boy did they run, climb, hollar, whoop and dance!

The adults have become pretty adept and concentrating among the chaos and the general rule is keep talking even if a child comes in and needs something. We all help each other and we all look after everyone's kids. The church.

So, we shared our lives for a few hours and then it was time to pray. The kids had been running in and out of the house all night - even as the temperatures plummeted and it began to rain. But, of course, as we started to pray, they all came inside. What I want to share is their reaction to seeing 4 families of adults bowing their heads and praying out loud with each other: a respectful reverence. The kids saw us and all instantly stopped their question mid sentence or found an older kid to help with their coat. It struck me that these kids are used to seeing their parents praying together. What great message could we possibly give our children?

On our drive home, George asked, "Momma..Why you praying?" I realized that he had never really experienced that scene before. He has been around this group of families, but it was so early on in his life here that I think he did a combination of ignore us and not understand us. So, this time he was very curious.

"Why you pray together?" Well, we join together in prayer because we are like a family. We care about each other deeply and find it a privilege to pray with and for each other.

"What you pray about?" Well, we pray about everything. We prayed about specific prayer requests for sleep, for peace, for provision and even for our country.

"You pray for me?" Well, yes. We pray for all our children and our marriages.

"You love each other?" Yes, George, we do. This is the body of Christ.

I realized on the drive home that this is what I want my children to grow up seeing their parents doing. We laugh and we play together, but most importantly, we pray to a Father in heaven who delights in us and bend low to earth to hear us pray. And I pray my children will find a church family that they will pray with someday.

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