Monday, March 1, 2010

Isabel Turns 8!!

For Isabel's 8th birthday, she wanted to spend time with Mom. I am realizing that this middle child desperately longs to have quality time...and so I was happy to share a coffee and a hot cocoa with Isabel at a local java joint!

This has become our signature...we always take a close-up when we are alone together.

It was the perfect cup of cocoa.

Back home, after dinner, Isabel enjoyed her cookie-cake!

Here is Daddy's little girl...

who is 8 going on 15!

We got her an mp3 player so she could listen to her new CDs.

But, most importantly, we got her a new Bible, one that is no longer a "kid-Bible", but one that we pray will be her companion for the rest of her years with us.

Here is Isabel reading the inscription written by Mom.

And this is how we will see Isabel for the next few a'flowing through her ears!

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