Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do You Really Think He is FOR Adoption?

I get tired of the enemy's tactics.

The agency Joe and I used to adopt George is now under investigation for "harvesting" children. This means they are accused of buying children who were not really orphans, or promising birth parents that their children would be sent to America to live in grand palaces and eventually send money back to them. In some cases, it is alleged that children would return to Ethiopia after complete their education.

I don't doubt that there is some corruption - there are several stories of adoptive parents who are today hurting because their children and the birth parents were misled somewhere along the line. I am sorry for their pain and I can't imagine what that would feel like!

But, the result of this has been division, distrust, and discouragement.

I have had a friend nervously ask if she should continue to trust a possible adoption of a beautiful child from Ethiopia.

God's heart is for the orphans to be cared for. When there is any misconduct, the entire system is put into question. While we bicker over what is best or good or not so good for the children, orphans continue to wait. We (man) have let the enemy get a hold of adoption - shame on us.


Rbarrow said...

Our thoughts EXACTLY as a couple Traci! Mike and I were discussing this topic every night for a few days and we felt very strongly the way you do! I am still very burdened to continue to pray about this....thanks for posting about it.

pathfinder said...

God's is totally FOR adoption. Absolutely, 100%
Blogs like yours can glorify Him in the process, too!
Thank you for putting the truth out there!