Sunday, March 14, 2010

Amazing Day

It was another beautiful day in Wisconsin! After church, the sun was warm, the snow all gone, the ground getting a little drier and so we all camped ourselves outside. Oh, we are an outdoors family! I was beginning to 'lose it' in our small house in the country, because we were doing too much small house and not enough country lately.

The kids raced into the house to change out of their church clothes and all put on short sleeves. Mind you, when I saw it was warm, it was about 51 degrees - ha! But, this is what happens in WI. The snow melt and suddenly, every one is short sleeves. So, Lincoln had his Brewer shirt one, the blue Corey Hart shirt that is in almost every picture of Lincoln from last summer. George pulled on an American pride shirt - complete with an eagle and the stars and stripes. And then the boys got to playing.

They pulled out the Tonka dump trucks and moved gravel all through-out our driveway. They drew chalk drawings of themselves all over the garage. They picked up tennis rackets (with no ball-mind you) and "played" tennis. They ran to the neighbors for some basketball. And they eventually ended up on the swing set.

Every where one went, the other was right behind. They even snuck into the back patio to clean their shoes after drawing with chalk on them. Then, they discovered how fun it would be to jump in the puddles them just made.

I can not even explain the joy I felt today, simply watching brothers be brothers. They had so much fun together. I realized that my kids have never really played like that before. Maybe because of the gender differences combined with the age differences...but I had never seen two brothers just being brothers together...all day. I am so happy for Lincoln. I am so happy for George. And the older three, were very happy that the two boys were having so much fun and not bother them!

I turned to Joe and said, "I have been waiting for this for so long! For the moment that everything felt so normal again. When having George wasn't something new anymore." This is now our 2nd spring. George knows where the bikes are and where the trucks are. He knows how to communicate with his brothers and his sisters. He also knows that Mom and Dad really like to read on Sunday afternoons and watch the kids play.

Then I thought...hmmmm...maybe a sister in between Eleanor and Isabel???

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Rbarrow said...

Love it Traci! Sounds like a great day! I am looking forward to that for Isaac and H also!