Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spiritual Attack

We are under attack. I know I have written about this before, but the attacks (or the hits) just keep on rolling! Every now and then, I forget and start to whine and complain about my situation (see yesterday's post- ha). A dear friend reminded me yesterday in a phone call that what I am experiencing can surely be spiritual in nature.

You see, a soul is at stake. If we ever think that one soul does not matter to either God nor the enemy, we are sorely mistaken. Every soul matters! One of my favorite little books was written by Dawson Trottman and it expressed the multiplication theory of evangelism. If we invest in one soul's life, teaching him about Jesus, discipling him into a life of obedience, that person will in turn touch a life, who will then touch a life, who will then touch a life - or maybe 10,000 lives! One life changed from hopelessness to a life of living for Christ is worth fighting over. Sometimes, I grow so weary of the fight and let the liar whisper in my ear that I am not a good mother or I am doing more harm to George than good. Those lies pile up and convince me that I don't know how to love, nor have I ever experienced love!

I am here to saw hogwash! Last night, Joe and I both said, "Go to hell, Devil!"

Why would I be surprised? Why do I continue to put myself in positions of being off-guard? I haven't talked about it here, but I have been part of an orphan ministry at church. I volunteered to head the foster care arm of the ministry. This has become a passion of mine as I learn about the 500,000 kids currently in the foster care system, over 150,000 of whom are eligible for adoption. Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, several churches are aligning together to start addressing the foster care problem in our county. We have studied what other churches are doing in their states, investigated the complicated and somewhat corrupt child welfare laws, and Joe and I have even begun the licensing process to become foster parents ourselves.

We have plans in place to start collaborating with the local county agency to minister to the children currently in the system through a carnival and a camp experience. We are opening our building to training programs. We are working on starting a storage facility to house big furniture items for not only foster families, but also foster kids who age out of the system and find themselves in need of furnishing their own apartment.

I have become angry at the church who walked away from orphans and foster kids. I grew up in a generation who didn't seem to care much about orphans; it was always someone else's problem. I saw celebrities sing a song to raise money for the kids in Ethiopia, but none of them decided to be self-sacrificing and bring one home.

Now, God is removing the curtain on the issue and calling His church to start doing something. We MUST do something for these children. They are a soul that might not have the chance to know Jesus! If we claim to have the answer to peace, contentment and eternal life, why are we content to let 143,000,000 orphans stay right where they are?

Might one of these orphans be the next Billy Graham? Or maybe the next author of a great book, or the director of a moving symphony piece? Maybe that orphan will become a loving wife and mother? Isn't that worth it?

So, while I am yoked with Jesus, doing a work He prepared in advance for me to do, I find myself under huge amounts of attack. Joe, in the meantime has started a business with the intent of someday being a self-funded missionary; that is our big goal. Yet, Joe finds himself with 1 to 2 customers a week at this point. He is discouraged, frustrated, and downright sad. Attacked.

Is it worth it? Of course.