Friday, February 26, 2010

No School in Wisconsin = Sledding!

A day off school meant you could find the Weldie's at the closest hill for a morning of sledding!

My kids, whom I love so much because they are all willing to be daring and sled off ramps and be outside for hours.

Harry going head-first. I think he ended up with a face full of snow at the end of this run.

I LOVE this picture of Georgie! So, one year ago today, he was barefoot in a very warm climate! Look at him now!!!

Lincoln sportting his new hat, knitted with love by my sister. All of the kids had something from my sister all representing USA!


Harry, mastering the snow board (he was little fired up by his little sister being able to snow board!)

This is Eleanor landing back on her sled after flying off the ramp - I missed her in the air and caught her landing...hard!

George catching his breath - it was a long walk up the hill.

Isabel's turn to hit the huge ramp.....

...and she was able to hang on for the landing!

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