Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Forgive You So Much!

I have been convicted about talking to George more intentionally about Jesus and what his death did for us, as sinners. I know this part of the story has been missing for George. The area he was raised in is known for being an evangelical Christian part of Ethiopia, but there is still a heavy mix of orthodox Christianity that can confuse a lot of things. For instance, the people believe in Jesus Christ and God being able to heal, yet they will still place burning sticks on a child stomach if he has a stomach ache thinking a spirit works through the fire. So, when George has talked about "knowing Jesus", he always talks about Jesus being hurt by mean men and being dead.

That is where the story would end. What hope is there is life if the rest of the story is not heard?

I also know that George needs to begin to have an understanding of his own sinfulness. He needs to begin to think of others, put others first, and honestly, he needs to know that he hurts others...often. Because of this, I have started talking to him about Jesus dying on the cross to take the punishment for all the bad things we do. Forgiveness has always been a big topic of discussion in our family, I have just been working on putting the concept of forgiveness into words George would understand.

I think something is getting through.

This morning, George knocked over a cup of apple juice and made a huge mess. I was not in the kitchen when it happened, but a few minutes later, he walked out into the living room with splatter marks all over his clothes. Like any momma, I asked him what made those marks? Silence.

I decided to walk into the kitchen where I was met with a huge spill at the base of the refrigerator. I opened the door and it was one of those spills that happened at the top of the fridge and was successful in splattering apple juice on each and every level below it, including the door and the sides! Big mess.

I kept my cool and asked George into the kitchen. I explained that when he makes a mess, he has two choices: clean it up himself or come tell mom right away. Neither of these two things had been done.

No anger, no guilt, just a plea for George to tell me if something like this happens again. At this point, I sent him to his room to make his bed, like he does every morning.

When he finished making his bed he raced into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around me and said, "I forgive you soo, sooo, sooo much!"

I laughed and said, "What did I do that needs your forgiveness?"

He got it and said, "Oh no! I mean I am sorry soo, soo, soo much! And I know Momma will forgive me."

It is moments like this that keep me going....

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Bear Creek Mama said...

Praise God! What a sweet story. Don't you love how when we don't get angry the rewards are so great!

My children too were all obsessed with the death of Christ. I'm sure they were shown either The Jesus Film or The Passion of Christ and from there the discussion always revolved around crucifiction. The Christmas story was even new to them. It has been so sweet to see the lights turn on as we discuss our NEED for a savior and the gift that has been given to us.

My you continue to be blessed on your journey.