Monday, February 22, 2010


As I look out my window, my back yard is blanketed with a fresh batch of pure white snow. The branches of the trees look as if they were sprinkled with powdered sugar and there is not a single track or footprint to be seen. Beautiful.

So, it is ironic that I begin to write about a desert as this is the scene before me. But, in a desert is exactly where our family can be found these days.

We are the Israelites. There IS a promised land! We have been freed from so many things that were holding us captive a year ago! But, what lies between the freedom from captivity and the promised land? A big, vast desert. And God is asking us to walk through it. So we are.

Right after Lincoln and I dropped off the kids at school today, Blessed Be Your Name came on the radio. To this day, my kids just love this song. So, I left it on the radio and listened as Lincoln began to sing. Then, out of the blue he said, "Mom, can you turn it down?"

"Sure, buddy. What's up?"

"It is so sad to be lost in the desert."

I sat silent.

"Can you turn it up, Mom?"

On the rest of the short drive home, I was moved to tears. I think we all will be asked to walk through a desert place sometimes, with the promise land before us and captivity behind us. The challenge to me is HOW I walk through the desert; with or without God? In joy or in sadness?

God was speaking to me. It's not so bad to be walking through the desert when He is with me. What's sad is to be LOST in the desert. To be stumbling around with no idea where to go next. Finding myself in the desert is hard, but it's not impossible. There is praising and joy and we know God is going before us, leading us through a landscape that seems impossible to pass. It really isn't that bad when God is there guiding our family.

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