Monday, February 15, 2010

A Blue Ribbon Day!

Eleanor had her regional level of Forensics competition tonight, which is the highest level of competition for the middle school level. She had chosen to read an excerpt from Little Women. I attended her district competition two weeks ago and was so proud of the mature and articulate young woman who stood before the judges and read her selection with poise.

But, I couldn't attend tonight's event. One sick child at home and the competition being 2 hours away kept me home. What I missed in attendance, I made up for in prayer!

Harry, Eleanor and I gathered at the kitchen table this morning and prayed for her. Around 4:00, when I knew the competition was starting, I prayed for her. As Harry led us prayer over dinner, he remembered his sister and prayed for her. She was well covered. Each time, I asked God to calm her nerves and bring her peace. Simple as that.

We finally got the call we were waiting for, she was on the bus and on her way home. I heard Joe ask, "So, sweetheart, how did you do?"


Then, "Wow! That's is so great! Oh, Eleanor, I am so proud of you!"

Eleanor was awarded a blue ribbon tonight; the highest level of honor for the competition! We celebrated by picking up some individual cakes at Piggly Wiggly and Eleanor, Joe and I sat at the kitchen table and talked about her night. Joe said, "Did you know you were prayed for all day?"

She answered, "Well, I knew Mom was praying for me because I was only a tiny bit nervous."

Praise God! This is huge for Eleanor, for she is so shy and quiet. She is not one who usually is comfortable in the spotlight. I really had to push her into even attending the informational meeting, and boy did we fight before her first night of competition. I am so grateful to a gracious God who gave Eleanor a bit of success, a bit of self-confidence, which a middle school girl so desperately needs. She said to me before I hugged her goodnight, "Now, I can't wait to try out for the school play."

Sweet dreams, my little blue-ribbon girl. I love you.

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Brooke said...

Whoo-hoo! Go Eleanor! That's great for her!! Did anyone tape it so you can see it??