Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday is a Comin'

In a few days, we will be celebrating George's 7th birthday, but the first as a Weldie. He has asked for "light shoes". Honestly, this is the only thing he has consistently asked for since the moment he could say the words! I think I will have to find a pair.

I want to make him happy. He hasn't been very happy lately. We have had a lot of talks with him about choosing to be happy, choosing to be a good mood. But it is as if, no matter how hard he tries, or how many times he promises, "Momma, I be happy today!", he just can't do it.

I had a long talk with a friend today and she gave me her assessment of Ethiopian people and children after watching a few friends and reading (lots and lots of) blogs. Ethiopian kids are fierce. Yes! Think of what these people, this nation, has overcome...they are THE ONLY African nation that has not bee taken over by another government. They were the only African nation that Mussolini was unable to conquer during WWII. These people live in huge poverty, yet live in peace within their boundaries and also without. There must be a fierceness that is part of their DNA; they are fighters.

And George is a fighter. He is testing Joe and I greatly right now. We just came off of several months of good days. The love was genuinely growing stronger and stronger each day. Now, he has entered a phase of testing us. You see, he was in the Soddo orphanage for about 13 months before being moved to Addis, where he stayed for 3 weeks. As we near the year mark, I can just imagine how subconsciously, George is expecting change - that we might drive him off to someone else's house and leave him there. Can he really trust us? Are we really in this for the long haul? Even if he treats us badly?

Yes, we are committed. Even on these gut-wrenching, pain-filled days. And I know, I need to find some light-shoes!!!

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