Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, a young Ethiopian mother dressed her 4 year old boy in a clean denim suit, tried to find some shoes for him, washed his face and set out on a long walk. The little boy was not sure where they were going, but it didn't matter, he was going with his mom.

The boy loved his mom. She made him injera every day and then pretty much let him run around the village with his best friend, H. Life was hard, no doubt about that. This young mother had buried her husband one year earlier, and then tragically buried her new born daughter. All that was left was her son, Georgebush.

Her husband had insisted she name their son after the President of the United States. "He must have a great name." He had seen a television report while he was in the big city. Hundreds of people crammed around a single TV after hearing rumors that the States had been attacked. The father saw a man with a bullhorn walking through the rubble of a disaster zone. The man was talking to a lot of men when someone in the crowd yelled out, "We cant' hear you." The man spoke loudly into the bullhorn, "But I can hear you!"

The crowd cheered. Her husband asked everyone, "Who is that man?"

Someone answered George Bush.

"I will now name my son after this great man." He thought. A year later, he had a son and named him Georgebush Lema.

That day seemed like an entire lifetime ago. Now, this woman was sick, very sick, and no one had much hope for her. What was going to happen to this little Georgebush? As she got closer to her destination, she prayed to God for comfort. What she was about to do was going to be the hardest thing yet. She was going to give her son a chance. She was going to give him real hope and change.

They reached the doors of CWAE, an orphanage in Soddo. Everyone there smiled and welcomed her. They reassured her this was the best decision. She wasn't sure, but God was continuing to give her peace about it. A few pictures were snapped, and little Georgebush smiled so sweetly. He still didn't fully understand what was going on. Then, one picture of the woman with her son, one last picture.

The woman bent low to kiss those clean little cheeks, hugged him tightly and then walked away. The smile left the little boy's face, unsure if that smile would ever return again.

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