Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lord, Bring the Orphans Home!

My heart is breaking! Joe has been completely consumed with news reports about Haiti and the earthquake. He comes home from work and turns on the TV, switching all over our available channels to get the latest, updated information. He has been shaken.

Last night, we all watched Monsters, Inc. I will write more about this little miracle, because for the first time in 8 months, our entire family was able to watch and entire movie and be happy. After that, the little boys went peacefully to bed, the older set decided to watch another movie and Joe and I escaped to our bedroom to watch some more news on Haiti.

20/20 was on and we became engrossed in the coverage. The program did a few spotlights on the children of Haiti. Our hearts broke into many pieces. We sat there crying, we just couldn't hold back the tears. Those beautiful brown faces and deep, brown eyes just crying out for someone to help them. The report then interviewed a man from Catholic Charities in Miami, FL. They are trying to work out a way to airlift thousands of the orphans into the US! Our hearts just leaped. Could they really be brought out of the ashes? The man said, "Our biggest challenge will be determining if this is a true orphan; they might have a living parents some where out there in the rubble."

Joe looked at me and said, "Stay on top of this."

This morning, in the quiet of my home, I remembered a day in our lives back in 2003. My family was on a vacation in Destin, FL. I had my four little ones, and we had just come back from an exhausting trip to the beach. I turned on the news (can you tell I am a news-hound?) and watched an expose on Haitian orphans. Joe was with me and we silently watched as the reporter talked about the conditions in Haiti. We saw dozens of pictures of gorgeous brown-skinned children. We fell in love with them.

I thought to myself that day, "We will adopt one of these beauties."

Reality hit when I found out that Haiti has strict regulations regarding who can adopt from their country. One of their regulations cut us out immediately; you can't have any bio kids living in your home. With four bio kids, we couldn't even take a single step toward this country. God then led us to Ethiopia.

In this tragedy, beauty will rise from the ashes if this airlift and consequent adoption of these orphans can actually take place! I read an article from a Miami paper and saw dozens of comments of families saying, "Keep us updated. We would adopt on of these children." I truly believe there would be NO shortage of homes in America that would embrace these orphans.

Lord, I turn to you because You are the only one who can make this a reality. Bring these children to a home where they will be loved unconditionally, where they will be fed and well cared for, where they will learn about a God who loved them so much that He moved mountains to save them.

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Jamie said...

We'll be praying the same prayer.. Thanks for sharing!