Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Is Adoption About?

All the kids are outside playing in the snow. George is squealing and laughing so loudly, I can hear him from about 200 yards away! They are sledding down all the mini-hills around here. What fun!

Do you think one year ago, George would have had ANY thought of bundling up in snow pants, hats, gloves and then throwing himself down a snow covered hill....for fun?

It is tempting to say that THIS is what adoption is all about; providing fun, new experiences for a boy, giving him clean clothes and good food, sending him to an American school where he can get educated. But, that is not what adoption is about.

Adoption is about obedience.

I have come to realize that our adoption had very little to do with adding another child to our brood. I do love being a mom and Joe is a wonderful dad. But, we really did have a house full with four. Our adoption was a calling from God and He asked us to obey.

I hear so many people say, "Oh, adoption is not for everyone."

And that is true.

But, adoption is for MORE than the number who are currently doing it. Many more.

Just think...if the church, if real hard-following believers adopted children, what would happen? Those children would more than hear the gospel - they would LIVE it out. They would be put in a God-fearing family that used policies such as forgiveness, mercy, grace, love. They would bring a perspective to a family. If we, the church, invested in some of these 143 million lives out there, how many of them would become devoted followers of Christ?

If those 143 million stay in orphanages, poverty, squalor, how many of them do you think will become devoted followers of Christ? Some will.

We talk about where the world is headed. The church has an opportunity to change that...invest in a LIFE that will come to know Jesus.

Bottom line, God's word is clear about caring for the orphans. Adoption is about obedience.