Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am worried about school. George has progressed amazingly in the last 6 months! He speaks fluent English, he spells simple words, he dances around the house thinking of the first letter for every word that everyone says.

But, there is no retention. None. Last night we worked for over an hour on a spelling list. He can spell the words...but he can't read them. So, we worked on sounding out each word, using phonetic rules. He struggles and stammers and stutters his way through the sounding out of the letters, but he can't put the sounds together. He still wants to read the words right to left, which can cause great problems. Then, he will finally get a word, usually after I say it very clearly. We will work on another word, struggling and stammering and stuttering our way through it and then go back to the first word. Nothing. He has no idea what that first word is.

George is a hard worker. He wants to do his homework every night. He wants to read books every night. He enjoys doing the work. So, why does he still struggle so much?

A woman who adopted two girls similar to George (same part of Ethiopia, same age) has discovered that one of her girls experienced a trauma to the brain which resulted in permanent brain damage. She said the description of George sounds just like her daughter. They had an MRI and the injury was right there for all to see.

This is a little heartbreaking. We have no idea what George's life was like before coming here. I can't even say with certainty that I I know what his life was like in the orphanage. I know he had poor nutrition, and there are facts that point to developmental issues when there is poor nutrition.

I just am not sure how far hard work and a good attitude can take him.

Please pray for George. Please pray for Joe and I, that we would have wisdom regarding this issue.

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barrow72 said...

Awww George....we will definetely be praying about that!