Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reading Katie's Blog

If you haven't done so in a while, please go read Katie's blog - the button is on my blog over on the right hand side.

Kinda puts life in perspective.

How many children can we save and why are we not doing more? As we shower our children with presents this Christmas - and YES - we ALL shower our kids with presents comparatively - there are children dying who have never lived in a house with a comfortable bed, with sheets that get washed and dried every week. They never have three healthy meals a day on top of multiple snacks. They live with disease, hunger, darkness.

Oh, my heart aches. If Katie can do this, can't we all do something...even a little bit?

As I was falling asleep last night, my brain was working on a poem about George. Pictures of a starving boy eating until he threw up are forever emblazoned in my mind. A body with scars from tribal "medical" practices. Teeth that are horribly stained due to poor nutrition - or should I say NO nutrition. Eyes that looked dead.

I can't get those images out of my mind, and in a way, I hope I never can let go of those memories. They keep reminding me of other children living that now.

I had a wonderful conversation with a man in TX who started a foster care/adoptive ministry. He said Christians "left the table" a long time ago. We decided it was too messy, or it simply was not our problem that there are so many children suffering in the world today. We conveniently turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Then we criticize and complain. We have no right to criticize - we left the table. Are we finally coming back to the table, ready to admit our failures? We, Christians, people who claim to love like Jesus does, let an entire generation of people down. We let an entire generation of people die.

It is time to belly up to the table again and start living like a follower of Christ. Joe and I just read a devotional yesterday that challenged us that living a life after Christ means living a life of risk. Not risk in God's eyes, but risk in the world's eyes. What Joe and I are talking about now is risky....but in whose eyes? Is God calling us to minister, serve, love more children? Absolutely!

Is he calling the church to do the same? Read Katie's blog and be inspired.

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Brooke said...

Thanks for this post, Traci. I love that you guys aren't walking around saying, "We did our part by adopting George, and now we are done." But rather, "What MORE can we do?" You aren't letting the learning and stretching of your family stop here. It's admirable and it's exactly what Jesus expects of us.