Friday, December 11, 2009

George's First Concert

The time finally has come...George had his first concert! He has been looking forward to this moment for weeks! His shirt was pressed, his hair was nice and his teeth brushed and we drove off to the high school. He walked into the choir room to warm up, he smiled as he sat next to his friend. The auditorium was packed! You would have thought the Jonas Brothers were performing the way all the parents had their cameras ready to go and were squirming on the edge of their seats, straining to get that first glimpse of their child.

He marched into the auditorium with his classmates. He climbed the risers to his perch on the top row. He gave a little wave to Joe and I.

And then he froze.

About half way into the first song Lincoln yells out, "George isn't singing!"

First song was over, not much singing took place. But then again, we are talking about first graders so even those who were "singing" made it sound more like yelling. The next song began...a cute little number about Santa meeting a Mexican mouse (the kids attend a school with a high percentage of Hispanic students, so there were a lot of songs in Spanish and about Mexico). He began to sing a little more. Finally, they wrapped up with a song about the reindeer doing the cha-cha-cha. George was starting to get into it. "HO,ho,ho" (George would make his belly big and round) and then "cha-cha-cha" and he would do a little dance. At the end of the song came his favorite part, getting to shout "ole!". He did it, raised his hand high in the air and smiled.

After five songs, George was finished with his part of the concert and Joe went to fetch him from the lobby. He looked relieved when he was able to come sit with his family.

As I tucked him into bed I asked him if he was scared. He replied, "A little," in a very quiet voice. I told him how proud I was of him and how I thought he did a great job. He smiled and then fell quickly asleep. His first concert under his belt.

Oh, how this boy's life has changed! One year ago today, he didn't even know about the Weldie family. He was lying in an orphanage in Soddo, Ethiopia, sleeping in the same bed as another boy. He was two meals a day, very meager meals at that. All he knew was that he had no father and his mother had brought him to this orphanage and then walked away.

Now, he is wearing a pressed shirt, riding in a car, climbing a stage with spot-lights bearing down on him, and singing songs about Santa, reindeer and Mexican mice!

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