Saturday, December 19, 2009

George Happy and George Mourning

George found out that his best friend, H, is being adopted! He was so excited when we told him, although he was also a bit confused. At first, he thought H would be coming to live with us. Then, we were able to explain that another family had chosen to bring H home. George said, "H have a new mommy and a new daddy?"

We smiled and said, "Yes!"

He asked, "Will he have a new brother?"

We nodded yes.

"Will he have a new sister?"

"Well, his new family does not have a sister...but who knows? Maybe someday."

"H needs a sister."

George was quiet for a while and listened as we pulled out a map and showed him where H is going to live. It is far away, but not so far away that we can't make a long drive if we felt totally motivated. But, we added that with technology, we could use the computer to talk to H, and he could even see H when they talked!

Oh, the joy! George was so excited and said, "I want to write H a letter. I want to tell H to work hard and go to school and learn English. I want to tell H to be a good boy and that I want to still be his friend."

I have had the privilege of getting to know H's new momma. What a servant's heart and a momma who is already in love with her boy. It does my heart so good to know that H is going to be tucked into a comfy bed soon. And that he will get an education and have the chance to be all the God created him to be.It takes quite a special family to adopt an older child, and I am already praying for H and his new family.

George has been greatly impacted by the news about H being adopted. This alone has affected him more than anything that we have ever talked about. George occasionally talks about his "Africa Daddy" when he tells stories about his dad and a donkey or how his dad shot a lion (not sure that one is true). George never talks about his "Africa Mommy". We have brought her up a few times and he shrugs it off and says, "She feed me." That's it. I wonder what kind of relationship they had; he could either be keeping in many feelings of loss and anger, or he simply was not very close to her. I just can't tell at this point.

But, I can tell you this for sure, George loved H. George often asked us to look up his picture on the waiting-child list. He would sit and stare at H's pictures and sing to him. George asked us this summer to send H his bike, his most beloved possession. We have heard many, many stories of H and George sleeping together, both in the orphanage and in their village. George says, "H is my brother. I love him."

This week, we were at a middle school choir concert when out of nowhere, George started sobbing. The tears were just pouring out of his eyes and he was making those distinct sobbing, guttural sounds. I put my arm around him, pulled him close and asked him what was wrong.

"I just said a prayer for H in my heart. I miss him so much!" He continued to cry and all I could do was hold him and let him get it out.

Oh, the pain and the mourning that poured out of George that moment. A real sense of profound loss hit George. A realization that H is leaving Ethiopia, too, and will start a whole new life. Maybe this means George can never go back? In anger, George would tell us that he wanted to go back to Africa to be with H. Now, that is no longer a possibility. I am sure George is filled with such mixed emotions. He is happy for H, knowing life is good here in America. But sad, because he and H must have had some great times in Ethiopia together, times that he wanted to re-create with his best friend some day.

This was the first time I have seen George genuinely mourn the loss of someone from Ethiopia. I am determined to get these boys together as soon as possible, for they deserve to know that each one is being loved, doing well and thriving. I just can't even imagine that first English.

I thank God that He has moved a family to adopt H. God cares about each and every orphan, even more than my sweet George cares about H. Imagine the tears God sheds over the pain and loss these children experience.


Rbarrow said...

With tears flowing down my cheeks, and a heavy heart, I promise you now, that we WILL get these boys together as soon as we can! I am so glad that God has connected our families together!!! Thank you so much for posting that Traci!

Daniel Hardesty said...

Hey Traci, thanks for posting this. Amazing! I'm H's soon to be new uncle (hooray!) and reading this post is a blessing and just solidifies the reality of the new member of our family who is coming. I'm very sure that there will be many chats and visits between H and George. As they mature and grow I'm already excited to see what God has in store for the both of these young boys.

God bless!

Chad and Sarah said...

That was the most moving story. Thank you so much for sharing. We underestimate the way that we are all connected in so many ways on so many different levels. Sometimes our brothers and sisters aren't born of our blood, but of our hearts. Both are equal. Best wishes to you, George, and H. Merry Christmas! -Sarah