Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gifts

We continue to make great progress! Every year, I take my kids to the dollar store to buy gifts for their siblings and Mom and Dad. This has actually become one of my favorite days of the season. I love watching the kids walk through the store, green basket in hand, going up and down the isles looking for that perfect gift for someone. It is fun to look at the teddy bear still lying on Lincoln's bed that Isabel gave him last year. I loved the small nativity set that Harry bought for Eleanor, and it is precious how Eleanor placed it right under the candle in her window. And Joe and I are still drinking out of the Christmas coffee mugs the kids picked out for us.

There was a little big of anxiety concerning George this year. You might remember that back in October, buying a present for Harry was a huge struggle for him. He just doesn't understand going to a story, buying something that is NOT for him, wrapping it up, and then waiting for someone else to open in. That is just not in his frame of reference at all.

So, as we were getting ready to go the dollar store, I had one of those great "mom talks" in the car. You know, the ones where mom talks way too long about something and the kids zone out after about 1.5 seconds. Yea, one of those talks. I talked about getting a basket, walking through the store, being calm and quiet, not running into other shoppers, waiting patiently in line, making sure they give the correct amount of money to the cashier...oh, and make sure you keep your items a secret. But, then I turned to George and Lincoln and explained that they would be getting Christmas presents for OTHER people. The look on their faces was priceless - you mean you are taking us to the store and we can't get things for ourselves?

So, the older kids were off on their own...I took the little boys. They did pretty well! But, the funny thing with them is they wanted to just grab the first thing they saw - pencils? Eleanor! Erasers? Harry! Paper-clips? Isabel!

No - no! You need to think about what your brothers and sisters might LIKE.


We made it out of the school supply isle and found some great things for everyone.

But what was so funny was watching George tell Lincoln what he wanted. As we walked down the toy isle George would say, "Oh, cars! I want cars Lincoln!". Linc would put the cars in his basket and then George would cry out, "Oh, jump rope! I want jump rope, Lincoln!" Linc would take out the cars and then put in the jump rope. "Oh, football! I want football Lincoln!" You get the picture. Honestly, I don't remember what Lincoln ended up with for George - I guess when I help him wrap the gifts up this afternoon, I will see.

As soon as we got home, George ran straight to Joe and said, "I got you a coffee mug!"

George asked me this morning, "Can we open presents today?"

"No, you need to wait until Christmas day."

"Christmas day today?"

"No - it's a few days away."

"Oh yea - when Jesus is born. I love Jesus."

"I know George, and He loves you!"

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