Monday, December 14, 2009


It is a season of beauty. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I love the snow and the cold. Of course, I get tired of it by March, but right now, I see so much beauty.

I see a world blanketed with white snow, and I find that beautiful. I see a world that is quiet and peaceful, and I find that beautiful. I see lights, ornaments and decorations that are tucked away 11 months out of the year, and I find that beautiful.

I love to decorate a live Christmas tree, to smell the pine and to have something big and green adorned in our living room. I love the advent wreath and the tradition of lighting the candles each night before supper.

I love the nativity set. Every year, Eleanor has the honor of putting the charcters into place.

I bought a kid nativity set, just so they could play the nativity story out over and over again.

Our pastor keeps challenging us to have a different kind of Christmas. I have George this year....and that is making this SO different. We took the kids to Bethlehem Marketplace this weekend. George enjoyed the market, using his shekles to purchase a bracelet, some grapes and an apple. But, when we entered the cave where Jesus was born, George was mesmerized. There laid a new baby, a real baby, wrapped in pure white swaddling clothes. George whispered, "Is that Jesus?" I replied, "Yes."

George stared and then said, "I want to hug Jesus."

George knows this Jesus suffered and died. He knew this part of the story first. Now, he sees the innocent baby in manger and all he wants to do is hug Jesus.

Jesus came to bring beauty into this world! But he came to reconcile us to God. I want to love Jesus the way George does. It IS a different kind of Christmas this year.

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