Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Men and a Smile

God gave George a gift this week. We had the privilege of meeting two men who have both been missionaries...well...forever it seems like! One grew up in Ethiopia, one served in Ethiopia for 46 years. They both have a love for the people of George.

And both can speak Wolaytinga!!! Both men, at different times over the last few days, have knelt down and spoken to George in his native language. I wish I could have captured the look in his eyes when he heard a language he recognized and loved. A light came on.

After speaking to Malcolm Hunter, George ran over to me and asked, "Did that man see me in Soddo?" I don't know, but I have a feeling Malcolm Hunter may have been responsible in some way of George knowing about Jesus.

The second gentlemen grew up in Soddo! I could hardly believe it when he told us. He also knelt down and spoke to George. George began to dance around with a huge smile on his face. What comfort it must have brought him to hear just a small bit of home.

I don't ever want to take Africa out of George! I want our family to embrace Ethiopian beauty and culture...and I really, really want to go back. We will some day.


Shelly said...

What a super encouraging entry!!!! What a gift for George, and for all who witnessed it! God is faithful! I long to tell our little one about beautiful Ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

My heart is so happy for George. I think of how Malachi's face lit up when one of the maids at our guest house picked him up and spoke to him in Amharic, and I can imagine how George's face must have shone. Hugs to you all!