Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Oh no! Gunnar just ate the turkey!"

That is how Thanksgiving 2009 will always be remembered by...the year Gunnar got into the turkey and ate half of it. Yes, we left last night to dine out, after all, I had been cooking and cleaning all day - that and doing crafts with the kids. We decided to leave Gunnar inside, it was cold and rainy with the chance of snow starting. He was very contentedly sleeping as we snuck out.

When we got home, Isabel was the first one in the door, always eager to greet her beloved puppy. She ran to the garage door to meet me and said these words, "Oh no! Gunnar just ate the turkey!" I looked around and the floor was covered with blood from the turkey, chunks of raw turkey were scattered about and there was the half eaten carcass. Gross!

I run to Joe saying "I've got to run to Walmart and get another turkey! It will take forever for it to thaw and our plans are not ruined. I've got to go now! Eleanor, jump in the car. Let's go!"

About half-way there my car suddenly stalled on me, frighteningly just as I was crossing the train tracks. I was able to get the car off the tracks and off the side of the road. Yup, I had run out of gas...the FIRST time in my life! I have been driving for almost 23 years and up until last night I have never let that happen.

So there we are, sitting in the cold rain/snow, very late at night. I called home and timidly told Joe that I had just ran the car dry and I needed him to come bring some gas to us. Sigh.

Harry later said, "This is the stuff movies are made of."

So, our plans are delayed a few hours, and I discovered that my Suburban can't get to E (I could drive my mini-van a little past the E). But, we are together and after a wonderful morning of egg-bake and cinnamon rolls, we are about to go on a family walk to collect things for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Funny, I was just listening to the radio yesterday and heard a woman talking about finding joy in the things that wouldn't typically bring joy. And I had an immediate chance to practice that.

No, my joy was not robbed. As I looked at my five children really enjoying their cinnamon buns and laughing about something they had just watched on the Macy's Day Parade, I sat back and thanked God for all the blessings in my life.

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"Indescribable" said...

Oh Gunner!
gotta love the fun stuff!