Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Little Sparks

I just wanted to put this cute picture up here. This is Isabel and George getting ready to go to AWANA where they are both Sparks. They are both memorizing scripture, hiding it in their hearts, and I couldn't be more proud of my two little Sparks. George has been walking around the house for a month saying John 3:16 and it is a reminder to me each time I hear his say it what the good news is all about.

That reminds me of how we are preparing for Christmas this year...we keep asking George if he knows what Christmas is about and he shakes his head "no". As Christian parents, we have a choice to we talk about Jesus AND Santa in the same breath? Do we even mention the red-suited jolly fat guy? George knows all about Jesus' crucifixion and I am so excited to share with him the glory of his birth.

I am looking forward to seeing Christmas through the eyes of George this year. It is like that first Christmas with your child when she is finally old enough to really get excited. We have no choice but to keep things simple this year, but I can't wait for the town's Christmas parade, or the making of the cookies and filling the home with Christmas songs. We have the chance to really set a precedent with our children about what Christmas is all about.

Finally, I just want to share a cute story about George and AWANA: Last week, George's group was talking about transportation in Old Testament times. The teacher was telling the kids how there were no cars or trains or airplanes back then and she proceeded to ask the kids how they thought people would get from one town to another.
George very proudly raised his hand with the perfect answer. (On a side note, as my friend was telling me this story, I thought for sure George would have the right answer. I thought he would say "donkey" since he is always talking about his Africa Daddy and his donkey.) So, the teacher called on George and waited for his answer. George put his hand down and very proudly answered, "A motorcycle!"

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