Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joy of a Big Family

George is getting it....what it means to be part of a big family. Over the last month, George has had the chance to see both sets of for the third time, and one for the first time. And we have worked hard over the last month explaining what grandparents are and who they are in relation to Joe and I. I think he is getting it!

My parents flew up from Ohio to spend a few days with us...and mainly to meet their 13th grandchild named George. In a way, I am so happy they waited until 6 months in to meet him, for the George of today is much different than the George of six months ago. The George of today smiles...a lot. He can read books from school, he jokes around and does his "Georgie dance", and he is fun to be around. My parents were amazed at how much English he can speak and when I started to think about it, it is amazing how quickly he has grasped the English language!

George had been told that when he got off the bus, his grandparents would be home. So, on Wednesday, he ran off the bus right past me! He ran straight into the house, looking for his grandparents. Without even so many words, George knew that his grandparents loved him. I don't know why...I can't explain it...but I think God had blessed him with the peace of knowing he has a big family out there who love him. And so he ran straight into the arms of my mom and said, "Hi Grandma!"

Soon after that, George was outside kicking a football with my dad (whom he called Grandpa all week...we call him Grandad, but no one cared about this little renaming) and Lincoln. I could hear him laughing and saying "Oh Grandpa! Kick it high!" George was just getting the chance to learn what it is like to play ball with a grandfather. It was a priceless moment for me...and I am sure one for George as well.

What a gift to give a child who had so little! He now has a family of four grandparents who shower him with love and attention...four grandparents who all want to know him and learn from him. We were told George lived with his grandmother in Ethiopia, but he flatly refuses that notion. Who know? But now he has the love that is given from grandparents that is unique and special.

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