Friday, November 20, 2009


Lincoln and George have started this game...they pretend they are going to sleep, say their good nights and then flop into their beds. Then they yell, "Good morning!" and fly out of bed, tossing the covers into the sky and racing around the house.

They did this at least 67 times last night...

And this morning, before school, another 2 times.

Then it was time for George to catch the bus for school. And Lincoln cried. Real, crocodile size tears. Not a whiny 4 year old cry (which we hear a lot these days), but a genuine sadness.

And George felt empathy for his little brother and said, "I'll play when home school."

They hugged, tight, and then George went outside to wait for the bus. As he waited he said, "Lincoln is my little brother. I love him."

It is these little moments that mean so much.

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milreb said...

Love and attachment growing between brothers. A beautiful thing!