Thursday, October 8, 2009

You're A Good Boy, Daddy

We had an emotional evening. There are so many circumstances in our lives right now that are causing anxiety, stress, worry...basically, God is wanting Joe and I to be at the end of ourselves yet again. It is like He is bringing us back to the days in Ethiopia where we just held each other in a kitchen crying. So, there we the kitchen. It seems that Joe and I always end up in the kitchen crying.

The kids were upstairs, playing. But kids being kids, the playing turned into some aggressive playing between the boys. That led to some screaming and yelling and then crying. Joe yelled up at the kids, very loudly. We just needed to talk. Sometimes this house is just not big enough.

Joe's yelling really scared George. We just have not been a yelling house. George sat on the stairs, a little stunned and a little worried. Unlike our other children, who tend to run to another room when things get tense, George comes to us. He looked at Joe and just questioned with his eyes, "Do you still love me?"

"Come here George. George is a good boy." Joe hugged George tight to his chest. George buried his little face into his daddy.

"George, sometimes Daddy makes mistakes and sometimes I yell and say things I don't mean. Daddy was a bad boy to George."

"You're a good boy, Daddy." And then I saw the tear fall down Joe's cheek.

I watched this touching, quiet scene between father and son and my heart swelled with love. I was watching MY SON and MY HUSBAND talk things through.

I can't explain the changes that are going on in my heart, but there are changes. Again, at the end of myself, I can see things so clearly.

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