Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

On Tuesday, Joe and I had the privilege of attending our first parent/teacher conference for George. As we walked out of the school at the completion of the conference, Joe looked at me and said, "That teacher was God-picked for George."

You probably could have picked my jaw up off the floor several times during the course of the 20 minute conference! We heard such wonderful reports of George's academics and his behavior - praise God!

His ELS teacher started and the first thing he said was, "It's obvious George has a lot of gray matter up there."

Joe and I laughed and immediately agreed.

Apparently George is reading at a level equal to some children who were born and raised in the United Stated - that is unbelievable to me!!! To be clear, George is not a fluent reader, or reading by what most people say reading is. But George does "read" the simple reading books that come home every night through the Title 1 program he is involved in. I read the simple sentence, pointing to each word as we go along, and then George mimics.

And...George now has a spelling list! We are working on it every night and enjoy going over our words (see, he, at, in, the).

The teachers marveled at George's handwriting - it's downright beautiful! And they all just gushed about how happy and well behaved he is. Mrs. Nelson (who we just love) said George is so good for her ego because every day he hugs her and says, "I love school!"

There is incredible improvement for a boy who has been home for under 6 months! As adults, we just can't imagine going to a foreign county and within 6 months be relatively fluent and even doing well in school! The teachers encouraged us and let us know something very important about George....he is NO different than our home-made children!

He is NO different - he saves his "worst behavior" for mom and dad. Isn't that what we want as parents? We want our children to respect adults, listen, behave, etc. And George is doing that! We had a few glitches in the beginning of the school year, but I honestly believe that George did not realize that Mom was going to find out what happened at school. Once George found out that Mom hears about everything - his behavior quickly improved.

And here is the other way he is NO different - he is a good student and the teachers are happy to have him in class! I was so worried about how he would treat others, and how he might disrupt the class (and apparently, in his enthusiasm to share answers or ask a question, his hand is pretty much perpetually "up". But, Harry is the same way :)).

Oh - I just feel like gushing! Praise the Lord for carrying us through those rough days to get to this point!!!

After the conferences, we attended Eleanor's first choral concert at the middle school. As we were sitting in our seats waiting for the first number, George spotted a fellow classmate and asked us if he could go say hello. Another huge shock! Here is this little Ethiopian boy, walking on his own away from Mom and Dad, climbing up 15 rows of bleachers and then standing in front of another boy and his mother to say hello. I have no idea if anything was said after that (this little boy is Hispanic and I think they don't speak much English, so it could have been a really interesting conversation), but HE WENT! He has the confidence to walk over there and say hello - wow!

I just wonder what God has in store for this boy? What is he going to be like when he is a man? Who will he talk to? Who will he influence? Who will he bless? I still read the passage in Hosea often and remember how I clung to the promise at the end of that book - that Israel would be a tree, deeply rooted, and those around it would be blessed.

George's roots are growing deeper....and I am being blessed.

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Andre' said...

You are such an inspiration with your faith in God and his plan for your family. Your courage and faith were a true testiment to others during Inspire U. I loved your honesty! I looked back at your posts and you have truly been blessed since Inspire U. Thank you for taking that leap my dear sister in Christ. Marla