Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking at Life Through A "Jesus Filter"

We call Wednesdays "Crazy Wednesdays" around here. Everyone who has something extra to do is done on Wednesdays. It is kind of nice, because I have to focus my energies on only one day a week - gotta get it done on Wednesday!

Part of "Crazy Wednesdays" is my chance to attend Bible study. Oh, how that time is necessary and so rewarding. I have to say that I leave every week with some truth or some nugget that I didn't know before.

Today, our small group leader used a phrase that I just loved! She talked about how we tend to filter life's experiences through certain filters. For example, I like to garden, and I have likened my sin to weeds in a garden. I then go further and describe how sanctification (getting rid of the sin) is like pulling weeds out of a garden. Or, I used to be an athlete and I can totally related to "running a race". I equate this walk to a long, hard race. I get it.

What our leader challenged us to do was start looking at our experiences through a "Jesus filter". God is giving us multiple opportunities each day to see Jesus, be Jesus, listen to Jesus, learn from Jesus. But we miss so many of them because we are not filtering those moments through our "Jesus filter".

I thought that was cool.

Everything in my life right now is about Jesus. I am learning how to love like Jesus. I am learning about the supremacy of Jesus. I am being asked to serve humbly like Jesus. Now..I need to start looking at life through a "Jesus filter". I am sure life will look much different.

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