Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let Me Tell You About Harry....

There has been a big theme in our family for a couple of years now....BE a Christian, don't just talk about being a Christian. I have had numerous conversations with my children in our long rides to and from different places, where we talk about not "going through the motions." Thank the Lord for that Matthew West song! It truly has sparked many questions among my children.

Harry, in particular, has been asking a lot about this and on one ride home from soccer practice he said, "I don't want to just go through the motions, but what can a 10 year old kid do to live out his faith?"

We brainstormed some ideas, most of which had to do with witnessing to his peers and his teachers at school. I could tell he was unsettled with these answers, but because I know Harry well by now, I know not to push. I just let it go.

Fast forward several weeks to Sunday, and as we are leaving church, he shows me a postcard about Harvest Fest (our church's annual missions festival) and whispers, "Can I talk to you later about this?"

Sure....my curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek at the postcard. It was promoting Kidsfest and gave some specific ideas of how kids can get involved in missions. The first suggestion was to take an envelope home and commit to praying for a child all year long. Sounds like a great idea!

The second suggestion was to give...specifically give our flip-flops to the kids of the Dominican Republic. Another great idea.

I started running through all the possibilities of what Harry might want to do. Does he want to pray for a child? Does he want to give away his flip-flops...yea, that's probably it. On a trip to the zoo this summer, his flip-flops broke and Joe ran into the gift shop to buy some replacement shoes. He bought the only size close - which happened to be about 3 sizes too big! That is probably it because if he was being truthful, he doesn't even really like those anyway.

After figuring out what my son was thinking - and pretty proud of myself for figuring it out, I totally put the upcoming conversation out of my mind. So, as i settled in on the couch after putting all the kids to bed, I heard the pitter-patter of some feet coming down the stairs. It was Harry with the postcard in his hands.

"Mom, you know how we have been talking about not going through the motions?"

"Sure...", I was ready to tell him how proud I was of him for giving up his flip-flops, but I waited.

"Well, a couple of weeks ago, I prayed really hard to God asking Him to show me a way I can start living for Him...for REAL. And I think He answered my prayer. In fact, I know he answered my prayer. He wants me to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic."

I was a little stunned and we simple stared at each other during a moment of comfortable silence. He pointed to the last line of the postcard - a line I had failed to read once I "figured out what Harry was going to ask me." It read "GO!" and then briefly said a short term mission trip was being planned.

"Mom...I need to do this."

I told him that I would need to talk to Daddy about it. He understood and then went back upstairs to his bed. My 10 year old son needs to go...

I talked to Joe and the first thing I said was how I so desperately wanted to go on mission trips when I was young and I simply never had the opportunity. I am sad to this day that I was never able to go. But now I have a child who prayed about going and now has the chance to go. I would not dream of telling him "no."

I have no idea what this may ignite in Harry's heart...but I do know that he already has a love for the world and he cries out for justice! He sees things so differently than most kids his age..well, for that matter, he sees things so different than many adults! He sees injustice and it makes him angry. He sees hurting people and he wants to do something. How could I possibly tell him no.

I have no idea how we will do this. But..we WILL send him...and send him...and send him. That...I am sure of!

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