Saturday, October 31, 2009

George, Front and Center

There are things happening that I would have never thought could have happened six months into our adoption of George. How well he is doing in school, the amount of English he is able to speak, how well he is adapting to American culture. We had another first tonight.

Our church began Harvest Fest tonight, our annual missions festival. While other kids were dressing up for trick-or-treat, George was standing in front of the congregation holding up a sign that he wrote..."Will you pray for me?"

It is all part of the processional this year, different than most years. Usually, there are celebratory songs, dancers, fabric draped around the sanctuary. This year, we had children scattered throughout the rows of seats holding up simple black and white signs. The signs read, "Will you defend me?", "Will you encourage me?", and "Will you listen to me?". There is a moment of silence in which all there is to do is look at these children holding their signs. It has the potential to be gut wrenching.

George was placed front and center - now, I could speculate about that, but I won't. It was so cute tonight because he held up his sign, so proudly. He stood right on cue, stood still and held his sign for all to see....upside down!

It didn't matter. There he was, proudly holding up his sign in the front of a congregation that hold 3000 people. He wasn't afraid, he wasn't nervous...he felt important and was ready to do a good job. We all knew what his sign said, it didn't matter that it was upside down. And I ask you...will you pray for him?

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