Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"But I Was Worried about George..."

We have dubbed Wednesdays "Crazy Wednesday" around here. I think we can now add an element of craziness to our Tuesdays. Harry and Isabel have been given the opportunity to study Spanish with the local college after school on Tuesdays. Fabulous! Of course we were excited to give those two this chance.

However, this means that Harry and Isabel do not take the bus home on Tuesday afternoons. Taking the bus home involves switching buses at the high school before it swings by the middle school where Eleanor is picked up. For the past two months, Harry has been walking to George's classroom, walking with him to the correct bus and then making sure he gets on the correct bus at the big switch at the high school. Now, on Tuesdays, George is alone to navigate the whole thing.

We have decided that I would drive to school each Tuesday and pick up George. We would then go to a nearby park to "just play" and then get Harry and Isabel when they are done with their class. I called up to the school and asked that someone would make sure George did not go out the buses. Apparently, while Isabel was heading to her Spanish class, she passed George in the hallway, who was all alone and looking unsure of what to do. Her heart leaped.

It all worked out...little did Isabel know, but I was waiting at the front door and George's teacher had asked him to wait outside the door for a minute and she would then walk him out of the building. I reassured Isabel, our little mother of the bunch, that everything was alright.

Well, last night we were driving home from our volunteerism and Isabel AND Harry began worrying about our Tuesday afternoon. They both were thinking of every possible scenario.

"What if...." and "What if..." came from their mouths.

What amazed me was how heartfelt and sincere these two were. They truly were worried about their brother. Yes...their brother. They were thinking of him the same way they would think of Lincoln in that situation. Those two have every reason to be angry, upset, and frustrated with George. He teases them endlessly, he laughs at them inappropriately, he gets in their faces, their stuff, and their way...often.

Yet, they have come so far that they realized the stress of this new situation and felt empathy for their little brother. That was a really cool moment to have with them. I see how far we have come in six months...just imagine where we will be in six years!!

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