Thursday, October 29, 2009

..and the Student of the Month Is.....

George Weldie! The crowd goes crazy...students are on their feet chanting "Georgie! Georgie!"

Well, that didn't quite happen, but this was truly a great moment for George! Every Tuesday, my kids who are in the elementary school gather for their school meeting. The principal encourages good behavior, he goes over announcements and then enthusiastically announces the students of the month.

I have to admit that I was very surprised when George came home and said he was the chosen student. Then I read the note from his teacher: "To George Weldie, You are a very hard worker! You make us proud :)"

Yea for George - our hard worker. After our parent teacher conferences, I had such a different perspective of George. I have needed for someone else to point out the good things about my son. Far too often, I focus on the work that still needs to be done, the refinement of character that still needs needs to happen. It is nice to have someone tell me what they see in George - how far he has come and how well he is doing.

Thank you Lord for encouraging me through the teachers at school. You have used them to remind me of how hard George is working and how gifted he really is. Amen.

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Kurt and Kayla said...

So I Obviously stole your title for this post. It's a fun one to share. It is amazing how well these young boys are doing:)