Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obessessed With Seats - Warning: VENTING!

I think I am about to lose it - the next time we are all in the van, I think I may just have to scream! Well, that is an understatement. I have already been screaming. I was going to write that I might drive my car off the road, but I was afraid that someone out in cyber-land would actually take that statement seriously and write me a nasty annonymous comment again. Anyway, I am getting deseprate, the kids very soon are going to pop in to find assigned seating!

This is no joke...I am so tired of having THE SAME conversation over and over and over and over and over again with George. He wants to sit in the front seat. He doesn't understand seat belt laws. booster seat laws, car seat laws or the fact that children under a certain age can not sit in the front seat. He gets frustrated that Eleanor can sit in the front seat.

So...every single time, and I mean every single time we are about to get in the car I hear the same question...."Can George sit next to Momma?" This means, can he sit in the passenger front seat. I say the same thing every single time, "No. You are not old enough to sit in the front seat."

I get the same reaction every single time, "NNNNNNNNMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAANNNNNN" (trying hard to figure out how to type this absolutely annoying whine that is similar to finger nails on a chalkboard!)

Next day; "OK kids, let's run to WalMart and get some milk."

"Can George sit next to Momma?"

"No. You are not old enough to sit in the front seat."

"NNHHHHMMMMMMNNNAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!" This lasts for about 10 minutes.

We walk out of WalMart and are about to get into the car.

"Can George sit next to Momma?"

"NO. You are not old enough to sit in the front seat."


So, we also add another scenario into the equation: where does George sit when not all 5 children are going somewhere? At every single chance, George is trying to "move up". He races to the car, shoving Harry and Isabel out of the way to get to one of the chairs in the middle of the van. EVERY TIME!

Then, we have the added problem of where Lincoln sits! I still need to buckle him in, and he is in a booster seat. Because of that, I want Lincoln in one of the middle seats (so I don't have to crawl all the way to the back). This infuriates George. So, he tries to move up. This infuriates Harry who also wants to "move up" in the van.

Finally, the HUGE problem of all 7 of us in the van. This means three kids are in the back...and they ALWAYS fight. I am not making generalizations here; they ALWAYS end up fighting. The common factor in the fights: GEORGE. He is usually so mad about being in the back that he is whining, and those in the back with him get so sick of hearing his whining that they yell at him to stop. This usually leads to George trying to hit or spit on one of the other kids, which of course, leads to retaliation.

I seriously think I am about to lose my mind! If I move George up to one of the middle seats, Harry gets really mad at me because he thinks he is bigger and "deserves" to move up. If I move Lincoln back, we have the problem of buckling up - and anyway, many times these day it is just Lincoln and I! If we need to put three kids in the back and I put Isabel in the middle, she is our nagging reporter who yells up to the front every detail of what is going on (like "George is picking his nose!" or "Lincoln just farted!" or just the very pleasant sound of her yelling "SSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP!!!")

I am so ready to trade my van in for a 15 passenger van. They can each have their own row then!

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