Monday, September 14, 2009

I Am So Confused

My kids came home from school with stories. I get an email from George's teacher. Things are not going well. Apparently, George is causing great problems on the bus and now Harry is being threatened and older boys are making him cry. George is kicking kids in his class and is not listening to his teacher.

I am kids have never been in trouble. No one has ever threatened to beat up my child before. What is going on here?

George has very little social skills. He is mean to people..he says mean things to people... he gives mean looks to other kids. Part of it is that he doesn't understand what the other child is saying or doing...the other part is that George's survival instincts tell him to think only of himself.

I am at a loss....I need some serious prayer time.

We have been working so much on character issues lately...I am exhausted from all the correction and training. George is a mean boy. He treats his siblings horrible. He is mean to me. And now I find out he is being mean to kids at school.

Ugh...pray for us.


Katy said...

I will be praying the God would grant you wisdom. And will continue to pray for George.

Ann Marie said...

Looking forward to seeing you today. George is not a mean child...he is a survivor and while he had 4 years where he had to survive because there was no one else, he has now had 6 months of someone taking care of him. His defensiveness will continue to lessen and he will soften but it will take time and patience. Which I know sounds easy but is very hard. God chose you specially for this mission. Keeping you in prayer.