Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Difference A Day Can Make

After our challenging day with George, Joe and I spent a lot of time talking with George about his behavior. We needed to make it clear that poor behavior at school was not going to be tolerated in our family. We also wanted him to know that we would find out what he was doing in school...and we cared.

I was a little over-the-top in my discussion with George. I was passionate and animated when I talked with him, but I needed him to know that I felt so strongly about him being a good student while at school. For the FIRST TIME, he just sat there and listened.

Usually, when we are "talking" (meaning I am working on a discipline issue with him), George puts his head down, starts crying and shuts down. I get frustrated because I don't think anything is sinking in...But this time something was very different. He listened.

And this is the response I got from his teacher..."What a difference today! The first thing George said today to me was, "Sorry, Mrs. Nelson"! I told him I forgave him. He really tried hard all day. As we were finishing up math right before School Meeting, he said, "I want to stay. I like school." Yea!!!!

I definitely think he is going to be fine. He does work hard and very seldom gets frustrated when he has to redo some of his work. He also has a great foundation being built at home.

I love having him in class.

Wow! I believe the flood gates opened and I cried out of pure joy.

Oh, this will be years of taking a few steps forward only to find ourselves falling a few steps behind again.

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