Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Stay With Me

I am amazed at what is happening lately with my relationship with George...I really feel like I am becoming a mommy to him. During my discussion with our social worker this week, she pointed out something that I already knew was a pivotal point, but she put a different spin on it. Remember when I shared about the situation when George said he wanted to go back to Africa? And how Lincoln, our shepherd, told George how much he was loved here and then George decided to stay. I knew that point was pretty important, but Deb said, "You know... he made a choice to stay. He hasn't had any control over what has happened to him in the past. No one asked him how he felt about his father dying, or how he felt when his mother took him to the orphanage and then walked away. George had no choices in the orphanage and he surely had no choice in the new family that was adopting him. For the last two years, things have been happening to him to drastically change his life and he has had no "say" in the matter. In his mind, he now had the freedom to either go back to Africa or stay...and he chose to stay."

So George has made a decision, and I am here to say that life is so different after that point! Last night, George and I cuddled on the couch before bed to read a book. It is a very simple, early reader book, just one sentence per page. He is reading it! That in of itself, is huge praise and progress...but that is now where this ends.

After reading the book "over and over and over and over" (as George requested), it was time for bed. George asked for a big hug as he laid in bed and of course, I was happy to give him that big hug. What happened next has never happened before...he held on. In fact, he squeezed me so tight that I fell over! And then he started crying out, "You stay with me! You stay with me! I like you, Momma...please you stay with me!" And he would not let go.

A couple of things struck me. First of all, the obvious...George is letting me know of that deep fear of mommy leaving again. I reassured him that I loved him with my whole heart and that we would be together forever. But, what struck me the most was the phrase "I like you". At first I thought, why isn't he saying I love you? But then after thinking about it...saying I like you means more to him. He was taught in the orphanage to say "Thank you" and "I love you", but I don't think they mean anything to him. He has said "I love you" to me every day, but I don't think he meant it the same way we mean it. But, he knows what it means to like something, and I think for him to say he likes me was saying so much more! Again, he is not being forced to say it, it was not taught that this is something you need to say to your new American parents. He has made the decision to like his mommy...and that makes me so happy!

On a side note, as I was cooking dinner last night, all the kids were outside playing. George ran in to get a drink, ran out the house, and then suddenly raced back in. He came over to me and said, "Momma...dinner smell good!" with a huge smile in his face. I was so proud of his sentence, and I really appreciated how grateful he his to have a hot meal every night. After dinner he said, "Dinner very good. Very yummy. I like a lot." That's all we need to hear sometimes.

Too bad all my kids don't say that every night, huh?


Brooke said...

Yay!! What GREAT progress, Traci! So wonderful to read this post! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

I'm sitting here in tears right now! So thankful George 'likes' you! Your dedication to prayer in this adventure is paying off! God is amazing, isn't He?

Kurt and Kayla said...

This is wonderful!