Monday, August 17, 2009


Our life is changing. I can sense that by the lack of time I have to sit down and update my blog! Instead of sitting down at the computer because I need to process my feelings, I find myself hanging with all my kids. Maybe I realize summer is quickly flying by and before I know it, four of the kids will be waiting at the end of the driveway for their bus to take them to school? I am not exactly sure why I have had troubles getting to the blog these days, but I do know life is changing...for the better.

Joe and I have had a lot of time to talk about how far George has come in three short months. While I was in the middle of "the grind", I really had to convince myself that things would eventually get better. I am not sure I believed it, but I would say those words. Now, I believe it. Here are a couple of sweet stories from the past week:

Last weekend, for some strange reason, all 5 kids ended up on my bed watching TV at night. There were watching "Wipeout" and I could hear them belly-laughing while I was trying to get some chores done downstairs. I delivered some finished laundry to my room and George greeted me with a huge smile and said, "Mommy lay down!" I couldn't at that point, I had other clothes waiting to be dropped off into various rooms and I really wanted to get that chore done and behind me. After completing my assignment, I did exactly what George asked me to do, I laid down on my bed. Before I knew it, George climbed on top of me, lying fully body on top of me, and hugging me tight around my waist. I couldn't believe it! He was just like a toddler, or even a baby that just climbs onto his mommy. It didn't last long, and no words were spoken (or even needed to be spoken). In that one gesture, George became a little boy who needed a mommy. A boy who needed that love and physical touch that only a mom can provide...and I was so happy to provide that for him.

Yesterday, Joe and I were reading on the front porch (and yes, we do that a lot around our house!), when George came out and decided to play with Gunnar. What is exceptional about this is that when we picked up George from the orphanage, he was terrified of dogs. We had a dog staying in the house right next to ours (we shared a garage) and George would regularly scream and throw rocks at the dog. Now, George has his own puppy and I can tell he is in love. Yesterday, George and Gunnar played tug-of-war with an old t-shirt and then they played chase around the front yard. When Gunnar got tired and plopped himself down, George laid on his belly right across from the puppy. Those two stared at each other, eye to eye, and George giggled! He then made a funny face and Gunnar cocked his head to one side (how German Shepherd often do). They just continued to lay there and stare at each other in pure contentment and peace. Truly a moment of a boy and his dog.

In the last week we have taken long walks with George, have been able to go to a new house for lunch, attend a new church and try some new food. We also have new words and George is saying a few complete sentences. We talk daily about the upcoming school year and are working at preparing him for a whole new stage in his life. We have talked a lot about Africa this week (Joe had a very interesting conversation about kaka and shinte). And at the end of each day, George has continued to come to us and say, "Georgie no Africa. George America."

There is hope and change...and it came from sacrificial love and obedience to a God who holds all things in His hands.

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