Monday, August 3, 2009

A Long Walk

I recently finished an amazing book called The Plain Life about a man who leaves academia and decides to become a Mennonite in order to obtain a much more simple life. He and his wife pare down to a three room house with no electricity, they learn how to garden enough to sustain life and they practice silence with their three children for an hour each day. The author of the book feels that God is asking him to relinquish his Ohio state drivers licence and makes the walk from south eastern Ohio to Columbus in order to officially turn in the piece of plastic. The book is about that 5 day walk.

There are so many observations the author makes along the way that have stuck in my heart, days after reading it. One of those observations was simply how much we miss as we zoom past scenery in a car, noting the difference when walking. Sunday, Joe and I had the opportunity to slow down and notice our world.

Joe and I decided not to attend church Sunday (and No! We are not advocating forgoing corporate worship!). We simply decided to read our Psalms and Proverbs with the children and then head out for a long prayer-walk. It was a gorgeous morning - one of those Wisconsin summer days that I just love. Clear blue skies, puffy white clouds, and a cool eastern breeze. We started out and Joe said, "I'm not sure how to do this. I have never prayed while walking before." It made me chuckle a bit...we surely do get stuck in ruts sometimes where we think we must be heads bowed and hands folded in order to pray.

But, being the man I passionately love, Joe just started us in prayer and loudly addressed our Father in heaven as we started on our walk. What happened next was a two hour walk with Jesus. At one point, Joe stated with tears and a trembling voice, "He is walking with us. Do you feel it?"

Indeed I was feeling it. We were simply crying out all our praises and all our worries and all our requests on our walk, as if we were just talking with out best friend. We kept our eyes wide open and were blessed with amazing beauty around us. Nothing "special" happened, just the ordinary summer day in Wisconsin - but it was so beautiful! How many times had we raced down this road barely noticing the wild flowers growing in that field, or the cows grazing in that field, or the towering pines in the back of that yard? Too many times.

We were rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the week. It was a long walk of pure shabbat. Walking with Jesus and my husband has graced me with what I need to start this week.

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Brooke said...

Sounds amazing, Traci. It's a great thing to take this time with your family. The Holy Spirit was definitely present....I could sense it even through your writing.