Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Little He Knows

Almost every day I am taken aback by how little general knowledge George knows. He has no concept of time, especially the days in a week or what a month is. Just yesterday, George got ahold of one of Harry's books, one that has amazing pictures of all the continents. We were flipping through the pages, enjoying looking at all the maps of the continents. On every page George would shout out, "America!" and I would correct him and say, "No, Europe." or "No, Australia."

George often flips through books backwards, so at the "end" of the book, we were at the first page which was a photograph of the Earth. George was amazed, "What is that?". I answered that was a picture of Earth and asked him if knew what the Earth was. He shook his head and I could tell this was something so new to him.

So, how do I explain to a 6 year old that we live on the Earth and the Earth is a planet that spins throughout space which is why we have day and night and summer and winter all depending on the tilt and position and rotation? Then I had to sit back and think that even my three year old understand the basic knowledge of where we live; on a planet called the Earth and that we circle the sun.

It saddens me that children around the world can make it through childhood without any basic education.

It also saddened me that George knew exactly what a gun was when he pulled out an advertisement from the paper today. He has no idea what the Earth is, but he knows how to shoot a gun.


Kurt and Kayla said...

I was amazed when I realized that Addisyn (2 when adopted) though that the whole world consisted of Ethiopia, USA, and China. She had never heard of "Africa" and denied for a year the fact that she was from Africa. She would say "no, I am from Ethiopia".

Kurt and Kayla said...

I accidently wrote that she was 2, she was 12! Don't know if you can correct that because it is a BIG difference!