Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A very exciting thing happened today in the Weldie family. Well, not so exciting for mom and dad, but extremely exciting for George.

He LOVES cars! And, he thinks we can just get a new one like going to buy a gallon of milk. Joe has a busted side-view window and George keeps bugging Joe to get a new car because his is "broken".

Today, someone hit my car....crash! Busted the front and punctured my radiator. Water poured out, the body of the car is totally cracked, and George just thought it was the coolest thing to see this broken car. The first thing he said to me was (very happily, I might add), "Now Momma new car!! Yea! New car!"

No, we will not be getting a new car. But I just might have to take him tomorrow morning to the watch the car get fixed.

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