Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Boy and Lake Michigan

Only time for another short post, but we have had some really good days this week! I think Joe and I have been waiting this whole time for what we are seeing right now; the world through the eyes of George.

It has taken 3 months for George to be happy. But now, we can't seem to keep the smile off his face.

Yesterday, George experienced something for the first time, Lake Michigan! He was so excited and couldn't contain the squeals and smiles. I was sad the the lake felt like an ice-cube and George could only stand to run in and then run out. But, he kept doing just that...for hours with his best friend and sister, Isabel. He continued running until he knelt on the blanket shivering and shaking with blue lips. He loved watching his big brother, Harry, take the boogie board out onto the lake. He joined Lincoln as he attempted to build a sand castle and he then flew a kite with Eleanor.

When Joe got home at dinner, George ran to meet him and just couldn't contain himself as he yelled, "George big swimming!" His hand sweeping across the sky as he tried to explain to Joe how big the swimming was! So big! And so cool!

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