Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Boy And His Ice-cream

I have been waiting for this moment! We are a huge ice-cream eating/loving family. In fact, I may be one of the biggest ice-cream fans you will ever meet. I grew up having a bowl of ice-cream every night after dinner...yes, every night!!! (I get this guilty pleasure from my dad).

So...imagine the devastation when George turns in disgust at his first taste of ice-cream. It was if he said with his eyes, "What in the world is this? You know I hate milk and now you are trying to get me to eat really, really cold milk???"

The second time, we got him a cone and he gave it the ol' college try - but again, was disgusted when it melted all over his hand before getting two licks in. He quickly ran to the trash can and threw the whole cone away and asked to wash his hands.

The third time, we were at Culvers and as all the other kids gobbled up their custard of the day, George asked for more chicken.

There was a fourth and a fifth time, and both of those times we simply ordered something else for George (a pretzel at one joint and some cookie dough chunks the next time we were at Culvers).

But finally happened! Our family had some gift certificates for some free ice cream at a local popular ice-cream place and it was a nice summer evening. I was not going to give up on George and ice-cream, so I ordered him some blueberry ice-cream, thinking maybe if it was more fruity he might like it. His ice-cream came up right away and so he took his cone and walked outside to where Daddy was sitting on a bench. I got distracted chatting with people (so unlike me, I know) and next thing I know, George is giving me a high-five and saying, "Momma, George like ice cream!"

Yahoo! I think I did a little dance and embarrassed all my clan, but I was so happy to have this shared experience.

And today...he had the opportunity to try his first root-beer float.....and he loved it!

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