Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Been A While

First of all, an apology to those who keep coming back and seeing the same old post staring you in the face :) I have been suffering from writer's block -ha! Seriously, I just haven't found a lot of down time to devote to sitting at the computer in recent days. Probably the puppy. Oh, and my 6th child. Yes, you heard it here first. We now have 6 children! Before you choke, it is really one of our neighbor boys. His parents work full time, and he is under the care of his 13 year old brother. I guess he likes being here more than there. So, we take him everywhere we go and he eats lunch with us...pretty soon I am going to start charging a food fee.

Things with George are continuing to go well. I was in OH this past weekend and during one phone conversation with Joe, he asked me, "Guess who misses you the most?" I answered, "Gunnar?" and Joe laughed and said, "No. George!" I met up with my family at church on Sunday and was drenched in hugs and kisses from all 5 children, it was so sweet! George was then smiles all day and I noted to Joe that he seems so happy. Joe said, "When we are all together as a family...that is when he is happy."

Joe and I took a long walk together on Sunday afternoon and talked about where we are spiritually, talked about dreams and goals of the future and then looked back at how far we have come with George. We wondered aloud if he loves us yet; truly loves us. It still seems as though we are a means to an end for him. We give him a place to live, food to eat, "stuff" that he wants. He was trained to say "thank you" and call us "momma" and "daddy", but is there really unconditional love there yet?

It's hard to tell. There have been a few times where he has acted horribly toward me and within a few minutes he is at my side giving me a hug. The hugs at those times have lingered into a minute and are a little tighter than he normal hugs. Is he really feeling something for me in those moments?

His English is really coming along and I feel like we can communicate very well. He understands much more than he can speak at this point, so he will follow our instructions pretty well. He has picked up some cute sayings from Charlie Brown movies (a big hit with our family right now!) like "I can't stand it!" The funny thing is that he has no idea what that really means and will say it at the most inappropriate time, but it is cute none the less. He also now says, "I can do it!" to prove to us that he can do something on his own. The funny part is that saying started out as "You can do it!" when he really meant "I can do it!", so we had to work on fixing that.

Life with a big family is never quiet and never dull. After hours of solitude and quiet in the airport as I traveled to and from Ohio, I noticed how much I enjoy having the "chaos" around me. These are amazing children who are growing into real people with thought and opinions that challenge me or make me laugh. When I came home yesterday, I just enjoyed watching them play outside, something I often take for granted when I am tired or worn out. I have healthy, happy children who run around the house chattering, squealing, laughing and screaming. I guess I wouldn't have it any other way.

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MzzLily said...

I am so glad that I had a chance to read your early posts about George. The contrast is amazing! You have come so far in such a short period of time. The tone of your posts has changed dramatically. I hear the softness and the hope.

I love watching God work in your lives. I have great expectations for George.

May God continue to bless you as you follow His lead.