Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tear at Dinner

We just finished dinner and I wanted to get this down before cleaning up and starting our bedtime routines.

Tonight at dinner, we were enjoying the delicacies of frozen pizzas. Ha! Joe is on his second night of being out of town and I just could not bring myself to cook a grand dinner. At least I sliced up some fresh strawberries!

Anyway - we are sitting around the table, I am reading from a Wisconsin almanac (interesting dinner conversation starter) when Harry suddenly chokes. Not a bad choke, just the kind of choke that sends the food in your mouth flying out. In Harry's case, he was drinking some water when Eleanor said something funny and bam! Harry choked.

He leaned over his chair and let everything that was in his mouth fly - thankfully, it was almost all water. After a few chest clearing coughs, Harry was fine and back to eating his pizza.

That is when I noticed George. His head was low and he was very quiet. I asked him if he was OK. Nothing. Then I noticed this one giant tear streak down his face. I quickly moved toward him and gave him a hug. He let me comfort him! George looked at Harry and seemed to ask, "Is he really OK?" I reassured George that, indeed, Harry was just fine. George stood up and walked over to Harry to give him a big hug. Harry, being Harry, did something totally funny (some crazy sound effect and a big smile) and George let out a giggle.

This whole episode stopped me in my tracks. George was truly scared about his brother. What has George seen that caused him to be so worried? So upset that he would cry over his brother coughing and choking at the dinner table? I may never know exactly what caused this reaction, but in that moment, my heart truly broke for this little boy. Obviously, he HAS experienced something that hit too close to home. Oh, what things George has been through!

He has lost a parent to a preventable disease and he has lost another to AIDS. Do you think he might have lost a sibling along the way? It is rather unusual for a 6 year old boy to have no siblings....it makes me wonder.

Lord, I lift George up to you right now. This little boy, whom you love so much, has led a very difficult life. He continues to lead a hard life as he doesn't know the language we speak or the customs we have. Lord, comfort George. Love George. Reassure George that we all love him and will never leave him. It breaks my heart that he still struggles with thinking that we are temporary. In your supernatural power, Lord, let George know that we are his forever family. Amen.


Brooke said...

wow, Traci-I'm totally praying that prayer with you right now! I am praying that George knows deep in his heart that he is a Weldie forever, and will never know a greater love than that that you all are showing him!

MzzLily said...

God is working such a miracle before my very eyes! I'm picturing the scene and see the love in your heart for this little boy. It is growing.

Maybe someday when you are in town visiting, I'll meet your family. Until then, I'll settle for these little glimpses.

Margaret said...

WOW....It is amazing in that it shows bonding, attachment!! PRAISE GOD! But it breaks my heart for this poor little boy who has seen things NO person should ever have to see or experience! LOTS OF HUGS to you all!!!

mhomes said...

God is at work and He heard your prayers!! PTL!!