Thursday, June 25, 2009

George Today

We just got back from camping and I had an email from a fellow adoptive mom who wanted to know if we were the family that adopted Georgebush. Her son was in the same orphanage and really wanted to know how he was doing. I responded that we were, indeed, George's new family and asked if her son could tell us anything about George.

This is what she replied:

"So far...Kyle, tell me about George. Kyle makes a pouty face and drops his head and sticks his lip out in imitation. I asked him if he was a sad boy or a happy boy and he said sad boy. I asked him if he played and he stops and thinks and said that he played with Soddo friend. Again, he drops his face and sticks out his lip and says "sad boy" This is all I have for now. I wish it were happy news. I will pray for George's joy to come, if it is not here already."

Both Joe and I took pause. Our son was the "sad boy". Our hearts broke as we heard how even to a fellow orphan, George stood out for being so sad.

Today, I was looking at the photo list of older children still waiting to be adopted when George suddenly got very excited about one certain boy! He asked me what his name was and when I told him, George's eyes lit up and a huge smile spread across his face. He knew this boy! George said, "Friend." George then tried to show this friend some of his cars and tried talking to him. He wouldn't let any of us change the screen.

Again, my heart breaks knowing this little boy is still in the orphanage at Soddo. As an 8 year old boy, there just are not too many families knocking down doors to adopt him.

How different will George's life be from this little boy if he is never adopted? How different it is already! George may still have moments of being sad, but I can tell you he is growing in his peace and joy every day. This morning, as he opened the freezer to show me what he wanted for breakfast, he smiled. Then, when I said, "yes", he skipped over to me and gave me a great big hug, saying, "Thank you, Momma."

Today, he is going swimming in a clean, beautiful pool with slides and fountains and balls to play with. Tonight, he will eat until his belly is full and then play with his new friends and his siblings. Then, after a full day of fun, George will climb into a new bed with clean sheets and four stuffed animals. The air conditioning will be humming, his brother right next to him falling asleep at the same time, and a mommy who tucks him in and says, "I love you, Georgie."

Joy is coming.

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MzzLily said...

Well, you've cured my dry-eye! That was a very moving post. It is so hard to think about all the children that are left behind. Fortunately, they are also in God's hands.