Thursday, June 4, 2009


George can ride a two wheeler now! From the second day home, he spotted Isabel's old bike in the garage and has been asking us to teach him to ride. I would give it a few minutes of holding the bike on the driveway while George teetered on the top of the bike, pretty clueless about needing to balance. Our driveway was just too short and we couldn't get much done.

As soon as we moved out here, he started up again. Probably because he would see the girls and I riding off on our bikes. There are several horses on a nearby street and we have enjoyed riding out every day to say hello to the beauties. George finally convinced Eleanor to hold on to his bike while we figured out how to ride it. We have wide open spaces (granted we are on a hill, but learning how to ride down hill must be pretty fun), so George learned how to ride on the comfort of the grass. When he would fall, it really wouldn't hurt. And anyway, this kid has determination like I have never seen!

Before we knew it, he was riding this little pink and light blue bike with a pink wicker basket! At least I said to Joe, "We need to take that basket off." George doesn't care about what color the bike is, but you should have seen the smile on his face when he showed Daddy how he could now ride a bike.

I know that determination will suit him well some day. Right now, his stubbornness is protecting him from all these strange sights, sounds, smells and people.

On another note, I have to tell you about these amazing boys living around us. We have three boys (9,12, and 13) living in the houses around us and they have been so incredibly kind, fun and gracious toward our children; especially toward George! Last night, as Joe and I stood talking to our new neighbors, we watched as our 5 children and their 3 children romped about the open spaces - being chased by the puppies, climbing onto the playset, teasing the girls (but then rescuing Eleanor's hat from one of the puppies!). There was such peace on our family at that moment. Smiles and giggles all around. Squeals of delight as the puppies chased. Laughter as the swings were pushed higher and higher. We looked at an amazing sunset falling behind our house and it was just pure contentment.

We came in and Joe picked up a guitar for the first time in 10 years and we looked up praise song chords. As Joe played, Isabel and I sang, George looked on and Lincoln cuddled in my arms. Harry and Eleanor were reading in the same room and would every now and then break into the chorus with us.

Then...all the kids slept through the night! That has not happened since we came home from Africa. So....for the first time in over a month, I slept through the night!

God is faithful. I know that. He gives me these good days where He asks me to notice the little things. A boy learning how to ride a bike. Kids playing with new friends. A beautiful sunset. Kind neighbors. Pure contentment.


MzzLily said...

I think I'm going to cry. I'm fighting it... What a wonderful picture! I'm so glad God put you in the right house. Wish he'd done it before the plane ride;)

mhomes said...

I DO have tears in my eyes! God is good!! Keep these memories--they grow up so fast!! (Our oldest is now turning 23 and serving in Baghdad--and I pray that he will give his life over to the Lord. You wonder where you went wrong but realize they have to know that their faith is their own and not mom & dad's.)

still praying!

Margaret said...

PRAISE GOD!! I have tears in my eyes at the beauty of all you describe...George just sounds like such an AMAZING kid! And it sounds like you have yourselves some AMAZING neighbors and a WONDERFUL family!!! Hugs!