Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Beautiful Late Spring Day

What a beautiful day this turned out to be! Clear blue skies, big puffy, white clouds, a cool breeze off the river. And, I look out my window and my kids are laughing and running and playing!

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am out here! I think having no fences around the houses has done all our spirit's some good. Today, the kids and I (and our neighbors) went down to the Rock River to fish. Well, one of the boys fished (he is so serious about fishing!) and the rest of us enjoyed the day watching him fish. Harry and his friend climbed some trellises up to the train track bridge that goes over the river. Most moms might chastise me for letting them do that, but they are boys and I truly believe they need that adventure in their lives. Lincoln and George climbed a little way up and then decided to throw rocks. Isabel was watching the neighbor's dog and having a blast running around with her. Eleanor had her nose in a book (as usual) but was enjoying the scene.

I think the move has been especially good for George. Despite having the adjust to a new home and new surroundings, the move has been positive. We are all now on level ground. Our new family can make new memories and establish a new normal. That is a good thing! The move has caused the children to play more with each other. No longer are Harry and Isabel running off to their friend's houses. Now, they all play together and think of new things to do as a set of siblings. We now have wide open spaces, a river, dogs that run free, horses to visit and feed. All of these new experiences they are having together. I truly believe this was God's will for our family for it has brought us a little closer.

I play more with the kids out here - probably because I secretly love going down to the river and feeding the horses. I am enjoying being outside and watching my kids play.

It really is a beautiful day today! And after all this fresh air and sunshine, I am sure it will be a peaceful night.

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