Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wise Sayings of a Three Year Old

I just had to write these down before I forgot. Precious words from my precious three year old, Lincoln.

We were all the car, heading out to see our new house, when we stopped to get gas. George had been saying something over and over, we weren't sure exactly what he was saying. We finally agreed it was something like, "We're not horses." So, we all laughed and thought of other funny things to say, "We're not car washes", "we're not mini buses", "we're not iguanas". On and on, each child was coming up with something and they would all giggle. The ever-present teacher in me finally asked, "So, what ARE we?"

I was looking for "human" or something like that. Harry shouted out "people!". Then, from the very back corner of the mini-van Lincoln proudly yelled, "We're a family!"

Next..on the way out to the new house (again!!), Lincoln says this, "Mom, I want to grow brown skin like George. His skin is so pretty. Do you think I can grow brown skin? I want to look like my brother."

Enough to melt the heart, huh?

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MzzLily said...

Duh, I finally saw the link to your blog on Facebook. I'm going to love reading it. This story would make me cry if I was 'emo'. How very sweet. Sounds like George is doing very well in his new family.