Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Like About George

Although this morning started out as usual (not good), I am determined to focus on the positive. So...here is a list of things I like about George:

1. He can play with one match-box car for hours and be happy!

2. We have connected through sports; he is very athletic and coordinated. He can already hit a baseball and throw very well!

3. He is very determined. George has mastered a Razor scooter in a week.

4. He acknowledges his boundaries. When I showed him how far he could go on his scooter down the street, he listened and has obeyed each time.

5. He likes to show us how he can write his ABCs and his 1,2,3s.

6. He sat quietly in church!!

7. He enjoyed his first french fry, his first hot dog and his first meal out was a blast at BW3s. He spent the whole dinner pointing to all the TV screens with excitement.

8. He is fascinated with cars and wants to know everything he can about them. He also loves to point out "Momma's car" and "Daddy's car".

9. He loves shoes.

10. He folds up his clothes and puts them away neatly in his drawers.

11. He is starting to have a very cute sense of humor.

12. He goes to bed wonderfully!!! We tuck him in, he throws the covers over his head and then goes right to sleep.

13. By evening, our family is all laughing together and enjoying George's company.

14. He likes to sing "I like to move it, move it!" and do a silly dance.

Each day we see progress. Each day I see hope. Each day I see what my family might look like a year from now. A friend said to me yesterday, "Pretty soon those days will turn into weeks and those will turn into months and before you know it, it will feel like George has always been part of your family."

In the meantime, I keep praying for a softer heart and a more giving attitude.


Margaret said...

George sounds like an AMAZING kid!!! That is just AWESOME!!!! Maybe he is just not a morning person? Our DS typically does not do well in the morning either, unlike our DD who is up and cheerful :) Continuing to pray for you!!! LOTS OF HUGS!!

Jessica Knitter said...

This is great progress! How exciting. It has to be difficult to know when he's just being a kid and when there is more to it. I will keep praying for your transition!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post! I am glad to hear that you are also seeing positives from George. Your family is still in my prayers! Tina Linhart

Anonymous said...

Traci, Keep going mother. You are his mother, and from experience, adopting a boy who didn't want anything to do with me for over a year, I can tell you that there is victory waiting for you and George.
Right now he doesn't trust you, and unfortuneately you may have to be a disciplinarian first and a sweet mother later. When he feels like you are the one in control, he will give up some control and be a bit more pliable and loving. Mark your calendar for forty weeks from the first time you laid eyes on him, and watch and see if you don't see a big change in the way you feel. 90% of my failure to bond with my son was my keeping him at a distance because of his bad behavior. Honestly I just didn't want to get close to him. Everyday I felt like I had made a mistake. I can tell you now 20 months later, I would finally throw myself in front of a bus to save my son. The love for G will come, it will come when your relationship has cemented. I am praying for you. love Tammy

Anonymous said...

I like the "like's"!! Keep focusing on the positives, Traci!! (Maybe we should do a prayer chain NOW like we did for the court case?? But not stop at 18-24 hours!!)

Virtual hugs your way!!

P said...

My boys like to sing "I like to move it, move it" too. I'm not sure where they got it-- Veggie Tales?? Glad to read your post and how you're learning about George.